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The winners of the second edition of the Eagle Enterprise of Gniezno in 2002


Retail category

1st place - "Symix" Jeweler from Gniezno
ul. Łubieńskiego 13
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-25-41

The 'Symix' company was set up in 1990. Its owner is Mrs. Sylwia Szymczak. 'Symix' jeweler offers constantly the whole jeweler assortment of recognized in the country quality. The company very actively takes part in social life - it is one of the main sponsors of Wielka Orkiestra Świąteczej Pomocy from its very beginning. Moreover, 'Symix' supports the Association of South-East Boundaries, ZHP department, Special Training-Upbringing Office no. 1 in Gniezno, 'Promyk' Association in Gniezno, disabled people, schools and many other initiatives.

2nd placee - Trade Company "Jubiler" in Gniezno
ul. Chrobrego 8
62-200 Gniezno

"Jubiler" is highly recognizable brand for many years. Trade Company 'Jubiler' as employees' partnership was set up in 1993 being a legate of 50-year tradition of state company 'Jubiler'. This company can praise itself with many certificates by State Artist Commission "Capelia" in Poznań. Many goods are registered in Patent Office. Specialties by "Jubiler" Company are miniatures of well-known architectural objects, mainly: Gniezno Cathedral

3rd place- Trade-Service Company "Fabiszak" Hurt Detal from Niechanów
ul. Długa 16
62-220 Niechanowo
tel. (61) 427-24-76
fax (61) 427-24-76
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The company was set up in 1989. From the very beginning of the company's existence, its owner - Mr. Józef Fabiszak has been caring for its development. Currently, "Fabiszak" company has got two multi-branch shops: In Niechanów and Żydów. Nice service, improving employees' qualifications, good prices and different types of promotions or discounts make that "Fabiszak" shops are permanently objects of shoppers' interesting.

Wholesale category

Distinction: Warehouse of paints and wallpapers "Tadex" from Gniezno
ul. Orzeszkowej 31
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 425-96-56
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"Tadex" company, providing building services, was set up in 1971 but the paints and wallpapers warehouse was launched in 1996. The company's owner is Mr. Tadeusz Miękiszak. The warehouse offers the most often goods with a producer's prices. Purchased goods are delivered by company's vehicle.

Distinction: "Jutar" Company from Łagiewniki, Kiszkowo Commune
Łagiewniki Kościelne 3
62-272 Łagiewniki Kościelne
tel. (61) 427-64-68 wew. 21 oraz 22
fax (61) 427-60-83
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"Jutar" Company was set up in 1995. Its owners are Mr. Olgierd Jurek and Mr. Andrzej Tarmogrodzki. During first two years of the company's business, the company dealt with meat goods production and sold them in the area of the whole country. Currently, the range of "Jutar" Company's activity concentrates on semi-carcasses sale.

Production category

1st place - "LNB Poland" Company from Kiszkowo
ul. Rolna 2/4
62-280 Kiszkowo
tel. (61) 424-91-00
fax (61) 424-91-01
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"LNB Poland" is a leader on the domestic market that produces the whole set of fodder-additives designed for all types and technological groups of farm animals. Since 1999 the company is localized in the area of Gniezno district in Kiszkowo commune. "LNB Poland" is characterized with huge engagement in local society life - is sponsors House of Kids in Gniezno, cinder-track racings and many parties organized by schools. "LNB Poland" is laureate of numerous prizes and distinctions awarded during fairs, exhibitions and competitions.

2nd palce - Milk Company "Rolmlecz" in Gniezno
ul. Chudoby 16
62-200 Gniezno

Beginning of Milk Companies Associations is dated on 1927. Since 2001 the factory is a part of the Agricultural Milk Association "Rolmlecz" in Radom. Fighting with different kinds of troubles, the company finally found the balance on the market and due to done investments and implemented re-structure strategy, Milk Company in Gniezno again competes with the largest milk-producers in Poland. Since some time the factory specializes in mould cheeses and salami production.

3rd place - Production-Trade-Service Company "Zet Be" from Czerniejewo
os. Nadziei 11
62-250 Czerniejewo
tel. (61) 427-37-38
fax (61) 427-37-38
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"Zet Be" Company was set up in 1992. The company's owner is Mr. Zbigniew Burchardt. "Zet Be" is recognized on the market producer of hand-made sweets of unrepeatable taste: Cream, cocoa and malt. Company's specialty is sweets production in advertising packages. This form of promotion was chosen by over 100 buyers of "Zet Be" Company.

Services category

1st place - Capital-Investment Company "Chrobry" from Gniezno
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 7
62-200 Gniezno

"Chrobry" Company started its activity in 1995. Its owner and, simultaneously - the chairman is Mr. Zbigniew Modro. The main field of the company's activity is: Financial mediation - cash credits, installment credits, mortgage credits, financial leasing and help activities connected with insurances. "Chrobry" Company is GE Capital Bank's partner that is a part of the one of the largest word concerns - General Electric Company. The company disposes with 600 representative offices on the area of the whole country. The measure of company's reliability is several hundred thousand satisfied customers. "Chrobry" Company is also prizewinner of many competitions organized by "Puls Biznesu" magazine and "Rzeczpospolita" as well.

2nd place - General-Construction Company "Dekbud" from Gniezno
ul. Skiereszewo 3a
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 428-24-52
fax (61) 428-24-53
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"Zakład Dekarski" Company was set up in 1987 by Mr. Michał Jerzakowski. The company regularly has been making its range of services wider what resulted in 1993 in profile's modification and the company changed its name into "Dekbud". In 1998 the new owner became Mr. Wojciech Jerzakowski junior. The company extended its services with transport services and building materials sale. In 2001 there was made a decision of Integrated Management System ISO implementation.

2nd place - Power Networks Manufacturing Company "Energo-Tech" from Niechanów
ul. 22 Lipca 7
62-220 Niechanowo
tel. (61) 427-42-11
fax (61) 428-45-00
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"Energo-Tech" is a company of more than 30-year history. It has existed since 1974. The founder and the company's ownership is Mr. Eugeniusz Pawlikowski. The main range of the company's activities is power networks manufacturing and power lines installation. The company is characterized with the best quality of provided services what allowed the company to gain orders for serious and responsible works in the Poznań City area and the whole country as well (such as: Old Square Market, Theatre Bridge or Parish Church in Poznań, or works for such companies as: M1 in Poznań, Beiersdorf-Lechia, Auchan in Komorniki, Wrigley, Volkswagen, petrol stations BP, ESSO, SHELL and others).

3rd place - 'Victoria Hotel" in Łubowo
Łubowo 13
62-260 Łubowo
tel. (61) 427-54-54
fax (61) 427-51-36
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The hotel's owner is Hanfi Suraiya. The hotel was set up in 1996, at the beginning there were 10 rooms. In 2000 there was built on to a new hotel part. Currently it disposes with 28 rooms. On the spot there is a conference room for 100 people, sauna, kiosk with souvenirs and currency exchange point. The hotel building is kept is characteristic, oriental style. Guests' attention is paid to high-class restaurant in which they can taste not only dishes from Polish cuisine but international ones.

Agriculture category

1st place - Breeding-Agriculture Farm from Żydów, Czarniejewo Commune
ul. Kościuszki 41
62-241 Żydowo
tel. (61) 427-41-66
fax (61) 427-46-22
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The company was set up in 1994. Breeding-Agriculture Farm Żydowo has the status of strategic partnership of especial significance for the state. The farm is on 3445 he of arable lands; it keeps a livestock in amount of 1800 items of cattle, 8000 of pigs and 2200 sheep. Gained by the partnership fruits in 2001 were 59 q/he, compare to Great Poland average level of 35 q/he. During the whole period of its activity its production is profitable. In 2000 and 2001 the company was nominated by the State Treasury Agricultural Ownership Agency for The Prize of President of Poland in category "Farm".

2nd place – "Petroestry" from Malaczew, Niechowo commune
Malczewo 14
62-242 Jarząbkowo
tel. (61) 427-21-31
fax (61) 427-21-32
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Petroestry" is the youngest company taking part in the competition - it was set up in 2002. It deals with rape contracting and buying, production of rape oil and rape mill cake, providing farms with means of production. The company plans bio-components production. "Petroestry" company has got the only one in the country pressing line by American company Anderson International Corporation Cleveland Ohio. Products manufactured in this company have got chemical analyses issued by Agriculture Academy in Poznań.

Craft category

1st place – "Rubel" Company from Kłecko
ul. Dworcowa 23
62-270 Kłecko
tel. (61) 429-34-25
fax (61) 429-34-25
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Rubel" Company" is a family company of many-year tradition. It was set-up in 19 45 by Mr. Jakub Rubel, father of current owner - Mr. Ryszard Rubel. The turning point in the company's development in 90's was launching export activity. There was launched wooden ladders production and tables for wallpapering. "Rubel" company is characterized with significant output for craft, what can be confirmed by amount of trained students and being awarded by "Craft Chamber" in 1986 the silver badge for "deserts for Great Poland craft development".

2nd place - Woodwork Company of Mr. Andrzej Mikołajczyk from Niechanów
ul. Kolejowa 2
62-220 Niechanowo
tel. (61) 427-25-13
fax (61) 427-25-13
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
www: www.stolarstwo-mikolajczak.pl

Special category - Cooperative Society "Dozór" from Gniezno
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 19a
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 428-66-73
fax (61) 428-66-71
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The competition jury awarded a special prize for entity, which in special way distinguished itself because of work for local society and for Gniezno district development. It was given to Cooperative Society "Dozór" from Gniezno. The "Dozór" Cooperative Society was set up in 1950. Since 1992, that is from the moment of its self-independence the company has been growing dynamically. The range of its activity is: Monitoring, security service, technical services of property renovation, printing office and trainings in shape of job therapy. And the trainings were the reason for which the competition jury decided to distinguish the "Dozór" company. Trainings of job therapy in Gniezno were implemented because of Krystyna Chlasta'a initiative - the Chairman of "Dozór" Cooperative Society Managing Board. Functioning on the grounds of an agreement dated on April 1st 1996 with Province Office for Employment and Rehabilitation of Disabled People These trainings are designed for disabled people, especially for those of mental disorders in average and huge level, additionally, physically limited. In trainings, simultaneously there can take part 50 people. WTZ are a great chance for disabled people, as they are still postponed by society out of normal life because of their disorders.

Winners VII Edition of the "The Eagle
of Gniezno For Enterprise 2011-2013"
Alfatex sp. z o. o.
Arcum Gabinet Fizjoterapii mgr Norbert Synoracki
Bovelli Bedding sp. z o. o.
Cfactory sp. z o. o. (Językowa Szkoła Podstawowa Prymus)
FGP Polska sp. z o. o.
Good Investment Anna Kozłowska (Dobry Browar)
Handel i usługi Katarzyna Bruch (Manufaktura tortów i ciast)
Liderpool Konrad Plucner
Modro sp. z o. o.
Projektowanie Nadzory Wykonawstwo w Branży Elektrycznej Maciej Galantowicz
Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe „Patom” (Gościniec nad dwoma stawami, Pizzeria na Kawiarach)
Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowo-Produkcyjne „Arwibud” Artur Czyż
Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynierii Sanitarnej PIS sp. z o. o.
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „Buno” s. c. Paweł Burzyński, Piotr Nowak
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe Forplast Agnieszka Śmigowska, Marek Walaszczyk s. c.
P. P. H. U. Klimat Danuta Orlikowska
Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Budowlanych Adrian Dopierała
Sklepy Spożywcze Krzysztof Kula sp. j. (Jagoda Sam)
Smuszkiewicz s. c. Hanna Smuszkiewicz Sławomir Smuszkiewicz
Spółdzielnia Dozór w Gnieźnie
Stomatologia Estetyczna Cezary Fryca
StyLOVE włosy Katarzyna Bełdzikowska
Tanken Ł. A. Wejerowscy sp. j.
Teccon sp. z o. o. sp. k.
Zakład Elektryczny, Elektroinstalacje Tomasz Basiński, Piotr Szyszko – Elektroin
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